Utah Aug 'o9

Thursday, August 27, 2009

This was Michaella's first time ever out on a boat. Well other than Daddy's pontoon. And she LOVED it. She said "Mom I want Josh to go faster and never stop!"

Really this video is me... I'm going to fire the videographer... but it's me. Sorry Mom. But I have to publish this one way or the other for evidence.


This was my very first time wakeboarding. Yes I got up on my first time. I didn't know this was a truly amazing feat, but I think it's because I'm like totally buff and I have some serious guns. So you better watch out because you don't want to mess with Mrs T, if you know what I mean.

Uncle Joshy and Micahella with her Nancy Pelosi smile.

On Saturday I was able to catch up with a couple good ol' High School Friends" We had a great time and I think the kids got a long pretty well.


Lindseylou said...

What a woman!! Look at you wake boarding! Please I get bucked off of tubes! Wish we could've seen you guys. How old are we? 10 year reunions and kindergartners! I love, love, love her little outfit!

jenica heslop said...

Dang tiff...You should have taken me wake boarding too! I love it:) Cute pics of the pool, will ya send them to me so I have them too? jenicaheslop@gmail.com Thanks Babe, always good to see ya!