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Thursday, November 5, 2009

It has been a long time since I blogged! ME! the blogger Nazi! Oh well right. Just means my life is mundane and boring!

BUT... we had Halloween! Which means Pumpkins Patches and Pumpkin Carving, Treats and a Birthday!

We have been visiting the same pumpkin patch since we moved here 4 years ago. It is so fun to see how Michaella grows from year to year. She is still terrified of climbing up the bouncy slide after 4 years.... but she at least looks different. Each year they are adding activities to the farm, and every year it gets busier and busier. But I will go every year and make Michaella get a picture with me until she is 18... yes 18. Just you wait and see. I'll drag her if I have to. I'll 3rd wheel on her dates when they decide to go through the maize! I'll be right there... I might even make her ride the kiddie train! Because that is the kind of Mom I am!





I love to bake. SO every chance I can, I make baked goods. The last couple years I have taken cupcakes to Michaella's daycare... Oh And I let Mike eat a few for his birthday.

Check out the Mummies, Brains and the Eye Balls
I was so Tickled with myself!

Pumpkin Carving- well I think it is a little self explanatory! duh
EEEWIE Gooey Pumpkin guts!


Amy said...

I loved the video! Also, tell the birthday boy that I was thinking of him on Halloween!

Lindseylou said...

You two are the cutest mom/daughter duo ever! You both always look so darling and so done up. I love the pumpkin song too. I'm jealous of your baking skills. I, too, love to bake, but it never looks that good. I bake regularly also, but the problem is I like to eat what I bake.

Megann said...

Cute. I can't believe you want to go dark you look really good blonde. I love that you have cute traditions too.